Turning technology in your advantage

More than ever consumer experience is key to succes. Due to the Covid regulations and constraints consumers tend to visit your stores or premises not just to stroll around, but to walk around effectively and efficiently.

Our innovative technological solutions will help you and your customers to achieve these goals. Enhance your location and offer the fastest and most intuitive way to interact with your clients. 

Interactive dressing mirrors, AI, AR, XR, omnidata, RFID/NFC, tailormade touch tables, Mobile Indoor navigation system, high-end sensor technologies, motion caputure, eg. 

Offer data and collecting client data by using omni-channel technologies is simply a must by combining the online and offline world live in your own store. Collect and offer omnichannel data by using centralized interfaces all based on the latest availbale technologies.

NEW!! Wayfinder :

The biggest advantage by far of online shopping is convenience. Within minutes you will find what you are looking for. 

How do you feel when finally arriving at a store, shopping mall, hospital, library, university, etc. and have to look for ages for the items you wanted to buy or finding the room where you have an appointment? Liked it? And then trying to find a staff member or anyone who could help you out? Did you get annoyed, frustrated and irritated? The simple answer is 'Yes'. 

Don't let your own visitors get lost and frustrated anymore. Shopping must be a convenient experience, students must find their classroom easily and visitors to your hospital or building should find their way instantly. Convenience is the key to succes.

Wayfinder is the answer. Simply scan the QR code at the entrance, download the Wayfinder app, click on the item(s) you want to have or store or room you want to visit and start navigating.

Extra info, promotions and other POI's will appear when following the path. Either by using text, photos or videos.


Technology as a service!