Why Wayfinder?

Perfect Indoor navigation

Hardware unnecessary

Android & Iphones


Data links

Get guided hassle-free, avoid congestion, determine hundreds of POIs, integrate videos and photos, set up a scavenger hunt.

The possibilities are endless.

Navigation based on

360 degree photography and processed in a Point cloud.


Hardware and installation on location, such as beacons, antennas, QR codes, etc. are therefore not necessary.

The WAYFINDER app can be used on both Android and Iphone devices.

More than 60% of mobile phones in the Netherlands are Android-based.

WAYFINDER can be provided with sound signals and vibrations, making indoor navigation excellent for use by visually impaired people.

The guidelines of the UN Marrakesh decision .

Koppel de Wayfinder met uw eigen database!

Uw complete collectie of vertrek/aankomsttijden  kan de gebruiker realtime bekijken, selecteren en er direct naar navigeren. 


"Wayfinder offers your customer the ultimate way to navigate easily within your building"



Depending on the size of your location, your building will be recorded with a professional 360-degree camera within 1 to 2 days.


The content is placed in the cloud and processed in our app. This converts the 360-degree photos into point clouds. This allows distances to be measured exactly.


The point clouds then ensure that the navigation system guides visitors flawlessly to the desired goal.


You can therefore make unlimited changes to your collection or offer, without affecting navigation.


You can also determine zones, select hundreds of POIs and add videos and photos. You can change these continuously or link them to your database.



Tailormade Avatar Guide

Route map with its own color scheme



WAYFINDER offers the most reliable and affordable form of indoor navigation and offers your customer the ultimate way to easily navigate within your building and consult your own data (including collections, promotions).


The 360-degree images used for WAYFINDER can also be placed on your internet site, so that your online visitors can already virtually walk around your building.



In addition to all the benefits that WAYFINDER offers for efficient and effective customer visits to your location, it also enables you to consciously determine the routing of visitors. As a result, WAYFINDER will consciously let your customer follow a route, avoiding other visitors as much as possible.



If the search for books takes longer than

the trip to the library, you may ask yourself

why the numbers of visitors and subscribers

are decreasing drastically,  whilst online book

sales have exploded.

So it's not a matter of reading less,

but understand what the modern consumer expects. It's not the price of the subscription, it's purely convenience and effectiveness.

With less staff to help you and a parking meter that continues to run, getting a book from a library quickly becomes a time-consuming and costly affair. With WAYFINDER you will offer your clients the perfect solution. They immediately  will find what you came for and still will be inspired when walking around.

For visitors to libraries WAYFINDER the ultimate way to instantly

and purposefully find the location where the book can be

found. Once paired WAYFINDER with your own database 

one can easily find the book. WAYFINDER calculates 

and displays the fastest route. Also the stairs, elevators and

escalators are included in the calculation.


You simply hold the display of your phone in front of you and

a virtual navigation path will appear or an avatar will guide



During their visit customers try to gain as much

knowledge as possible. They often know

exactly what they want to see and simply need

help finding the desired objects as they move

through through the museum. With WAYFINDER

you can set up a personalized tour or

choose from a set of predefined

routes focused on a specific topic.

WAYFINDER also offers the possibility to add interactive content. This can be done by selecting POIs and indicating which videos, photos and interactive texts should appear as soon as you point your mobile phone at the object, regardless of whether you have an Android or iPhone device.



















You probably experienced the same frustration

like anyone when visiting a shopping mall. Either

you can't find the desired shop, missed it, passed

it without knowing and finally spend hours 

finding your car. Not the best impression you 

can leave behind as a shopping mall, but still it

the same recognizable issue in the 21st century.

Just download WAYFINDER, choose the stores that you want to visit or opt for a   'Black Friday' route and insert the parking spot where you left your car and you are ready to go shopping in a complete stress free way. Just look at the display of your phone and you clearly see the virtual natigation path or the avatar guiding you through the shopping mall. Meanwhile your mobile phone will show promotions and offers of stores you are passing by.


Nobody goes to the hospital for the fun of it. Finding the right floor, hallway and room is for many quite a task while the visit is stressfulenough.


With WAYFINDER one finds simply and easy the

right location. WAYFINDER includes using

stairways, escalators and elevators.

The virtual route is displayed on the screen

of your mobile as an augmented track or as

an avatar who will guide you. You can be sure

that your visitors will be on time in the right

room without any hassle.

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