When a brand like Heineken Experience would like to have a truly unique experience in their own setting, you know you will face high expectations. With over 700.000 visitors this year Heineken Experience is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Netherlands.


The concept 'Inside the drop' was developed by the agency 'Lemon scented tea' and coordinated by 'Minibar'.

Started as a rough idea the concept 'Inside the drop' quickly became a concept with quite some challenges. 


Not only CityScape Media was asked to arrange the interactive technology, but also to manage the complete construction of the space where the visitors would enter 'the drop'.


An experience is very hard to decribe, but be sure the end result is simply stunning. Inside the drop is already one of the most impressive parts of the Heineken Experience.


It includes 3 UltraHD (4K) monitors of 84" combined with kinect interaction, stunning graphical interfaces, glass floor printed on the backside, sensor technology, liquid oil projectors, integrated sound system, etc. 


Curious? Just visit the Heineken Experience 365 days a year. 

Old situation

Old situation