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The NextMirror 

The retail needs a serious game changer. A technology that brings the off- and online world together.

The NextMirror is the most revolutionairy interactive mirror available on the market today. We invested

a lot of effort in developing this groundbreaking mirror to give a real boost to your sales and the retail

experience as a whole.

The Nextmirror is an exclusive combination of Zytronics plotting technology of glass surfaces

and our unique conductive glass.

Other mirror like glass available on the market have clearly serious disadvantages:

Guardian Dielectric - very brown reflection

Plikinton Mirroview - very blue/green reflection

Schott Mirona - double & blurry reflection

The Nextmirror - crystal clear without any color tone or double reflection!

The Nextmirror can be bought seperately. Just pass us through the size of the mirror, the size

of the touch area (single or multi-touch), the position of the touch areas (landscape or portrait)

and if the edges should be rounded. Larger numbers can be produced wihtin a limited time

frame and can be shipped world wide.

The backside of the Next Mirror will be printed in black ceramic. The advantage is that you can

glue the mirror on every surface. No frames are needed.

The Next Mirror makes it possible to change every dressing room into an interactive

omni-channel experience.


Want to experience The Next Mirror yourself? Make an appointment and convince yourself.

Imagine what you can do with it!

'Oostbroek' Estate

Bunnikseweg 39

3732 HV, De Bilt

The Netherlands

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