What if buying a car would be like creating a costum-made suit?


The automotive industry finds itself in a turbulent and dynamic era. 

Consumers nowadays demand custom-made solutions and a clear view of what they will get for their money.


Having a showroom, leaflets and an internet site isn't enough anymore. Experience is all that matters!


People want to see the actual lacquer colors, not just a color print on a leaflet. They want to feel the fabric and want to play with the possibilities and extra features.


For this reason we developed an unique touch table with integrated RFID recognition. Each single color sample, rim sample and fabric sample has a special rfid-tag that will be recognised when placing a sample on the table.


The touch table will show instantly the chosen car in the right color with the right rims and right fabric. On a second large display the consumer will see his or her dream car in a huge format. 


The final result can either be printed or send by mail to share wih friends and family.